Monday, January 4, 2010

what are you afraid of?

you can do it!
working on a room?
where to start?
that's the hard part.
follow these steps and you are on your way.

choose the fabric or fabrics . . . visit fabric stores, browse online, tear out pages of magazines if something catches your eye. you will find a trend and that will help you create a palette for the room. mix solids with pattern & textures. don't be afraid. TIPS: durable fabrics like cotton or velvet can work well on large sofas or armchairs. if there's a pattern you love you can use it on a pillow or the back of a chair.

select the paint, go to your local paint shop and grab a deck. narrow down your choices and paint large squares on the wall.
look at the colors at different times of day, grab a cup of coffee and sit and look at it in the morning and grab some wine at night while you admire the samples. you will be amazed how much they change. trim & ceilings & windows don't have to be white. get creative. introduce a new color. you can even paint the walls and trim the same color.

add accessories . . . vases, trays, lamps, pillows, throw blanket . . . and VOILA!

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