Monday, January 18, 2010

me + organization = obsession

maybe it's because we live in a small house with two small children but i truly believe that everything must have a place . . . perhaps that is why our closet has become cluttered with chaos since that's where all the rejected junk goes . . .
the closet literally makes me CRAZY whenever i go in it.
not a good feeling.
am currently obsessed with cleaning, organizing and rearranging.
i guess it's more possessed than obsessed!
i can't stop.
ah order.
feels so much better than disorder.

if only my closet looked a little more like the one above . . . .

this entry is just so neat and orderly. perhaps unrealistic with small children since those books wouldn't last on that chair for more than a minute and that chair wouldn't be white anymore.
a girl can dream.
this kitchen has as spot for everything.
this it he most organized yard ever. ours will never look like that. that's for sure!

the perfect little work area.
love this pink office.
this bed sort of built in to a closet is a great idea.

another nice and orderly desk!

images courtesy domino magazine, elle decor,, we love domino,,

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