Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the cultivated life

i have always admired jean-philippe delhomme's illustrations & wit
that appear in the new yorker . . .i recently purchased the first ever english compilation of delhomme's work, where you can find gently satiric musings on "first world problems"
from the inner flap: "drawing from the trials and tribulations of the contemporary lifestyle- the design addict cautiously circling the latest modern furniture piece in an upscale boutique or finding the perfect outfit to convey one's current philosophy-delhomme chicly illustrates the humor in all that surrounds him.
a sneak peek below.

"in my apartment a definite aesthetic discipline reigns; the unwritten rules of which don't prevent, unfortunately, a certain common type from loitering here."
"we love entertaining in our dressing room. it's a real conversation piece . . . even our art world friends are delighted!"
"the more i progress in the field of design, the more i realize how little i actually know-it's a continual lesson in humility"

"for months i had schemed to get a shelter magazine to profile my apartment, but the morning they finally came was, unfortunately, the day after a rather successful dinner party."

images courtesy habitually chic & stylebeat blogs.

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