Friday, April 30, 2010

hot damn!

i just went to the most stunning house . . . i say that not having seen it entirely, but i know from what i saw that the rest must be just as amazing.
their study had RED lacquered walls, yes RED . . . and RECESSED curtain rods.
hot damn!

images courtesy elle decor, house beautiful, the glam lamb blog.

brass is back

i mean, i am sure it's been back for awhile but i hesitated until now.

images courtesy,, elle decor.

mood lighting

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

desk of annie + the design girl = new look

is there anybody out there?
not sure but just wanted to give design girl a shout out.
thank you for the new look on my blog!

shared spaces . . .

we are going back and forth back and forth on what to do with our house. it's small. when i say small it's small and there are 4 of us 2 of which work from home.
tonight we decided to just add a family room & have our children, a boy & a girl share a room for awhile. i am sure we will change our minds by tomorrow but for now am figuring out how we would pull it off design wise, which is most important, no?

images courtesy small and heatfelt blog, homeeverafter blog,, material girls blog.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ah roberto.

i just don't think i would ever tire of these.
is it the image, the large scale, the color . . . i don't know.
but i love.
art by roberto dutesco.

images courtesy milkandhoneyblog,, chic coles blog,, habitually chic.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

never too small . . .

too make a big impression.
remember . . . the size of a room does not matter . . . it's the impact that counts.
please forgive. i have no idea where i found this.

for the love of stripes . . .

striped awnings are just so perfect.
cannot wait to put some on our house.

images courtesy annechovie blog, brownturtlenecksweater blog.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

fantastic florals

i can't help it.
i think floral wallpaper is just so great.
i am about to design a little girls room!
i am SO excited . . . and thank goodness she likes flowers.

images courtesy elle decor, domino magazine, house & garden,

Friday, April 23, 2010

happy weekend . . .

happy weekend . . .
hope you all find inspiration.

images courtesy celerie kemble,, the times picayune & pink wallpaper blog.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

bohemian baby

a client just sent me this baby bedding site . . . it's so precious.

available at

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


am back from high point.
what an experience.
won't go in to details but was interesting to say the least.
one very special little client told me she needed some "flare" for her place . . .
and wow, did she get some flare! and not only did she get my opinion, lucky duck, she also got the eye of an amazing dc based interior designer friend of mine who met me at hight point.
i cannot wait for her to see her new things.
she scored ALOT.
a few (bad) pictures of some of the finds below.
super fun stool
fun mirror
some bed pillows

Sunday, April 18, 2010

the world's home for home furnishings . . . .

well . . . at least that's what they call it . . . me, i like a mix.
a mix of new and old.
so hoping to stumble upon some antiques here but in the mean time on the hunt for sectionals, dressers, lamps, benches, and beds . . . stopped by oly quickly . . . . . where the fare is predictable but dependable. you know what your getting and no matter what an oly piece will fit in in any home. snuck in to currey & company for a quick peek . . . immediately spied several lamps and chandeliers i would scoop up stat.

an oly studio vignette below.

currey & company evangeline table lamp.
& love the name.
currey & company's tivoli lantern.
currey & company's carousel lantern in lipstick red. (below)
yum . . . two over a kitchen island?
yes please. thank you.

currey & company's corfu lantern.

images courtesy,, &


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