Thursday, March 4, 2010

what do you collect?

i've always been fascinated by peoples collections . . . whether it be limoges boxes, or a certain kind of dish, or paintings or books or whatever . . . i find it so interesting.
while i am not really a collector, i have always wanted to start a collection but wasn't quite sure what to collect . . . i thought about cake plates for awhile but where would i put them all? or ceramic teapots but that's kind of random, alas, my mother-in-law urged me to start "collecting" we consulted with a dear friend of hers, charles faudree, the tulsa based master of french country, and perhaps the sweetest man in the world, and we decided on obelisks.
i have always found them interesting . . . my dear uncle had one that i admired even as a young girl . . . it's now at my parent's house . . . so . . . i was very excited to open my birthday present from her and have 3 new beautiful obelisks to add to the one she gave me for christmas.

images courtesy mynotthinghillblog, materialgirlsblog, bellemaison23blog, thelilbee blog, domino magazine.

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