Wednesday, September 14, 2011

introducing . . .

i have gotten a lot of unsuscribers lately . . . i won't take it personally . . . i just haven't had time for this blog!
but this is what most of my time has been spent on . . . and i am happy to introduce you all to it.

please please please visit it for all your home furnishing needs!


  1. People unsubscribe - really...ouch! I can see why you've been so busy. The shop is fabulous; I'll bet you didn't want to launch until it was perfect and it shows! The light fittings are fantastic - want to ship to New Zealand??? Good luck and have fun. Annie x.

  2. ha! yes. but it's okay. i understand. we get a lot of email in our inboxes these days! thank you! and if we can ship to new zealand we will absolutely do it!

  3. Wow, this shop is amazing! I'm absolutely in love with the gold Greek Key Ottoman. As an aspiring designer, I love your blog, site, and now store.

    Unlike a lot of bloggers, you're a designer first, then a blogger. So, don't take unsubscribes too seriously, it just means you're focusing on design over blogging, and I must say, it shows!

  4. Annie, this is quite impressive. Love your new store and items!



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